The Amish Walmart

Today, I spent much of the day in the garage getting things in order ready for an intense session of making frames. I managed to crank this frame out for “The Ride Home” which features an Amish buggy riding up the highway during a fall evening. The frame was made out of old barn wood from an Amish barn.


// Rewind back 24 hours // 

Yesterday, me and the wife headed to a local place that I believed to be just a local legend. A mythical place that only existed in lore. A place simply known as The Amish Walmart. 

This place is huge. An old shed with acres of land at the end of a dirt track. This place has tons of scrap wood, metal, old furnaces, tools, you name it! Its like everything  you’d ever need for anything on Pinterest. 

I found a stack of old barnwood. Real barn wood. Aged by Mother Nature, not checmically by Home Depot. The best thing? It was $1 per 6ft length!

Anyway, I grabbed what I could and started making frames for my art. I really like the frame to compliment the art in someway and I just love how this turned out.